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Nov 15, 2012 2:30pm PST
here in studio. >> france's new prime minister has made his first official visit to germany, holding talks with german chancellor. at the top of the agenda was stagnant economic growth in france and europe generally. >> he told reporters that france remain committed to keeping greece in the eurozone and said it was in the interests of all eurozone countries to show solidarity with debt-stricken member states. for more on this now, we're joined from our parliamentary studios by our political correspondent. there's been an awful lot of talk about deteriorating franco- german relations recently. what can you say after this visit? >> for the last six months, there has been quite a bit of tension mainly because angela merkel came out during the last presidential elections in france, very openly for nicholas sarkozy, which got her off on to a very bad start with the current french president, but the experience of governing in the last six months in france has toned down the criticism from hollande and his prime minister. they realize they cannot fulfil, have not been able to yet, many of t
Nov 29, 2012 2:30pm PST
to back the palestinians. germany, on the other hand, said it would abstain, and britain is expected to do so as well. >> hundreds of palestinian flags flying in support of statehood. people await the outcome of the united nations vote with bated breath. many have been waiting for this for a long time. recognition of a palestinian state by the united nations. >> today is a very important day for the palestinian people. we are excited. we are happy. we think the international community will not be disappointed at this time. i hope. >> palestinians are pushing to have their united nations status of credit to that of a so- called non member observer state, which does not include voting rights but brings with it the symbolic recognition of statehood. it would also mean the possibility of access to the international criminal court in the hague, but israel says the proposed resolution does not take its security requirements into account. the u.s. and several other countries plan to oppose the motion. germany and great britain will abstain, and that has caused disappointment. >> we would have pre
Nov 30, 2012 2:30pm PST
. >> with more and more shoppers seeking out handcrafted and traditional gifts, germany's famous christmas markets struggled to keep up with the demand. tens of thousands of egyptians are out protesting against president morsi at this hour after an islamist-led assembly raced through the approval of a new constitution, a move to end the crisis. >> the document is based on sharia law. critics say it ignores fundamental democratic principles and marginalizes the nation's large christian populations. it has set the stage for conflict in a more increasingly divided nation. >> opponents of the president are outraged at the document adopted by the assembly. protesters are maintaining a vigil, and demonstrations are growing. critics warn that egypt is fast becoming an islamic state. >> hosni mubarak never divided the egyptian people. now, there is president morsi, and we do not know if he is the president of egypt or the president of the muslim brotherhood. >> islamists who dominate the assembly have already answered that question -- the body signed off on all 234 articles of the constitution, wh
Nov 12, 2012 6:30pm PST
think tank. clogs enough of it tendencies have risen dramatically in eastern germany over the past few years and the increase has been particularly strong among young people. >> racist attitudes are often the starting point for dissenting and more far right politics. the foundation report says one in 11 has an extreme right-wing view. in western germany, the percentage of right wing extremists has fallen to 7.3% over the past five or six years. in the east, that figure has more than doubled to 15.8%. >> we believe this phenomenon is most prominent in a server rural regions of eastern germany where people have a few prospects of the future. >> researchers say these areas can become a breeding ground for right-wing extremists to see themselves as employment is of the will of the people. >> democratic parties must prevent these from gradually infiltrating. they need to draw clear boundaries. in local politics, they should not deal with right wing extremists in the same way they deal with democratic parties. >> stay with us. we will be back to take oua look at events in egypt. >> dw in dec
Nov 2, 2012 2:30pm PDT
's election, but is it having an influence on the markets over here in germany? our correspondence sent us this report from the frankfurt stock exchange. >> the last unemployment numbers before the presidential election in the u.s. have been noticed all over the world at the financial markets. numbers have been mixed. the unemployment rate went up slightly, but which was more important? the number of the newly created jobs went up higher than expected. this gave a boost also to german shares. the dax went up again at the end of this week while telecom shares were slightly down here there have been rumors that telecom plans to cut next year. >> let's take a closer look at some market numbers -- the dax ended the day just over 0.3% up. the euro stocks -- stoxx 50 close 0.5% up. the dow jones is currently going down 0.75%, and the euro is trading at $1.2830. >> one company whose shares in the u.s. did well is coffee giant starbucks, which has announced it is raising its profit forecast for this fiscal year by 9.8%. >> but the company is in hot water in britain where critics say starbucks is p
Nov 12, 2012 2:30pm PST
hope. >> united states and ireland joined in germany and the human rights commissioner. there have been loaded onto the body for three years. each geographical area has a set number of members to guarantee an equitable distribution arm. rights groups have criticized that all the candidates gain without a vote. the u.s. is expected to become the world's largest oil producer by the end of the decade. they will temporarily overtake banks to increase output by new exploration technologies. >> this comes from the iaea which released the world energy outlook 2012 on monday. the iaea predict greater oil and natural gas production, as well as rising energy efficiency, will allow the u.s. to become nearly self-sufficient by the year 200035. itself-- 2035. >> foreign imports are still 35 %. according to the iaea, by 2017, teh u.s. will over take saudi arabia. new methods for extracting oil and a shell gas reserves will be responsible for the turnaround. -- oil and shale gas are r esponsible. energy is in many industrial nations will fall slightly. it is a different story in china, india, and the
Nov 16, 2012 2:30pm PST
the violence. >> a strong statement of support from germany. there was this on the background to the position and liberal and. >> of britain is maintaining neutrality in order to presumably bring the influence back on both sides denver money has never pretended to be neutral in this conflict. it will not be until they recognize the right of israel to exist and that has historic reasons. berries and german leaders going back to chairman grant and foreign ministers talking to a angela merkel in her speech bill in 2008 and have reiterated the existence of a post-war german state as morally contingent on the continuing existence of the state of israel. germany will always be on israel's side against any group or country that. their existence. >> we will be going live to cairo later in the show to check out the egyptian reaction to the crisis ongoing at the moment. meanwhile, angela merkel has been on a visit to moscow where she has been outspoken about human rights in russia. "she has been traveling with a business contingent of her trip has not just been about the euro. the ruble. >> they passed
Nov 19, 2012 2:30pm PST
said about a two-state solution. >> france and germany have also been using other diplomatic clout to try to broker a cease- fire. >> we have to do everything in our power to stop the killing and reach a cease-fire. we're working together with the united nations and our european partners. germany has a special role in the region and we will live up to our responsibilities. eu ministers called on hamas tusis rocket attacks on israel immediately. then they said negotiations could get under way. the stakes are high and the deployment of israeli ground forces and syria now threatening the stability of the entire region. >> the situation is incredibly serious. there is a danger that is spreading and control throughout the region, and afraid to say. >> with that in mind, the german foreign minister left the talks prematurely to catch a flight to israel. what's the international monetary fund is urging european governments to take a loss on their holdings of greek government bonds. the imf says the the only way to make grease solvent. >> the move is unpopular in a number of countries, inc
Nov 27, 2012 2:30pm PST
off. >> thanks so much for the update. germany is a top lender to greece, and lawmakers are expected to approve the release of berlin's contribution immediately. still, there are deep suspicions that talks of a debt write-down have been delayed until after next year's german elections. >> the deal would be put to vote on thursday or friday. >> it is not an easy sell for the defense of the idea of letting greece buy back its bonds at below market value. >> it is important to be fair and say that other eurozone countries should not be profitable. greece needs this. >> german chancellor angela merkel and her finance minister can count on the majority in parliament to support the plan, even though many lawmakers still had questions when they were being briefed. opposition parties have not yet laid down their position, but in the past, they have signaled that they will support continuing aid for greece, but the social democrats, germany's largest opposition party, wants more information. >> it is too early to determine what impact tonight's decision will have on the german budget. we have
Nov 6, 2012 2:30pm PST
, the deaths of friends and family have become a daily reality. >> in germany, reports are coming in the prosecutors are bringing charges against a surviving member of a suspected neo-nazi terror cell. >> he is suspected of being a member of a cell that killed at least 10 people, nine of them with immigrant roots between 2000 and 2007. both of his accomplices committed suicide last year. the murder spree caused outrage in the country and prompted the country to overhaul security agencies after investigators apparently botched several attempts to catch the perpetrators. we go now to our correspondent standing by in parliamentary studios. we know the suspect has been cooperating -- or she has been reportedly cooperating with investigators. what would she be charged with? does this come as a surprise? >> there are still a lot of uncertainties surrounding this story that charges have indeed been filed. we are still waiting for the prosecutor's office to confirm this story. all we have now is a newspaper report. we know she has been held in connection with a string of murders that appe
Nov 9, 2012 2:30pm PST
% increase in spending and more money for a supplementary budget this year. germany, france, and britain want to limit increases to less than 3%. the negotiations will continue next week. >> more business news coming later in the show including economic and is from china and the once in a decade leadership change. the strongest european economy is beefing up their welfare state. parliament has approved a contentious new subsidy for stay at home parents. opposition parties have criticized this scheme as promoting outdated ideas about families in an age where it's increasingly common that both parents work. >> after months of intense debate, the measure nearly passes. it was far from clear whether the subsidy would pass. chancellor angela merkel had faced a great deal of criticism from within her own party. from next august, parents to stay at home to take care of their young children will receive a monthly premium of 100 euro rising to 150 euro later. the conservatives tried to portray the subsidy as a peacemaking measure. >> we want to encourage parents of a do not feel they have to justify w
Nov 28, 2012 2:30pm PST
, then that is what we should do. >> germany says it will be involved in afghanistan for some time to come. in addition to security, it plans to help fight corruption. >> a new report points out a host of problems with security, the situation in the countryside, and the rule of law in afghanistan. i asked our expert on afghanistan if germany was pulling out troops to soon. >> it depends on the definition of the job done. it is clear that nato has agreed upon a time table to leave afghanistan until 2014, and germany's decision is part of this overarching schedule for afghanistan. however, 2014 is a compromise between the situation of afghanistan, what is needed in afghanistan, and what is the political situation in germany, and what can be communicated to the german public. so the compromise is 2014, but it becomes more and more clear germany will be in afghanistan even after that date with a diminished role. may be 1000 or 500 soldiers. >> the report also says there's been little progress in reconciliation and peace efforts with the taliban. why? >> with some efforts for negotiations betwe
Nov 7, 2012 2:30pm PST
with barack obama. here is more on reaction in germany. >> chancellor merkel was among the first to congratulate president obama. she invited him to berlin and underscored her hopes for the future. >> we know each other well, and i look forward to working together to strengthen the trans-atlantic relationship between germany and the united states. >> germany's economics minister was another well-wisher. >> the huge interest among germans in the u.s. election shows how important america is for germany. that is why in the name of my party, the free democrats, i would like to warmly congratulate president obama on his reelection. >> election parties continued into the night in germany. across the political spectrum, the majority of germans and their elected deputies had hoped that obama would return to the white house. >> for us as europeans, it is especially important that americans have chosen a multilateral foreign and security policy, and a policy that focuses on alliances and negotiations. >> outside the american embassy, people welcomed the idea of four more years of president
Nov 13, 2012 2:30pm PST
to be published in germany after the end of the second world war, but it has filed for insolvency. >> that is right. the media group which owns the paper said that after years of losses, there was no chance of returning it to profit. they blamed a decline in advertising and sales revenues for the closure. the prospect of widespread strikes and travel chaos during the holiday season has been averted after german airline lufthansa it ended a wage dispute with its cabin crew. >> under the terms of the deal beginning next year, lufthansa will be raising wages for cabin staff by 3.9%. the airline also guaranteed there would be no layoffs until the end of 2014. >> the german government wants to boost the country's technology sector. to get some ideas on how to do that, it has invited some of the nation's top i.t. firms foreign annual," summit. >> the tech industry in germany faces fierce challenges abroad. >> but it is growing, especially in berlin. damage of the applications are up and around the globe -- >> job applications are up around the globe. >> we get a lot of applications from
Oct 31, 2012 6:30pm PDT
with germany put roonheab vy rln d ao lp with technical asstce chceor mketoy also assured themist ttf eris money ohe tlend me technical assistance will be ut- i tnke sasally happy with that. >> mkehalws oos a tricky's exception into the eu -- turkey' aepnc iohe u. addition a stance that turkey is part of aesngal. e pptsheross she insisted tod,gast wt w sgein tt perhaps the eu was n b fr thury. sh insisted that turkey -- that theus bng fr to tuey becoming a full member of theu ato y bonny pragmati considetions of the euro crisis. thfit e that the monitors of the eha jt leed tir les ror sthr wksgo otue's progress or lack of progress i fulfilling the democratic requiremen oheu,ndt a dasti judgment, frankly. itarcurl dwsttti to tac that it is quite roin itueyorrirs d jrnisho oosth ste i anyway -- quickly -- to be irine a tres fuhe hebsclor turkey right at the moment,nd tt is that he also said on his visit ate ul necniha he calls southern cyprus. the republic ofypss a fl member, and it happens to hold at tomt t ratg presidency of the eu. >> thanks very mh f tt alis in syria, the regime hasooe
Nov 10, 2012 4:45pm EST
from the top. germany and england had common law for a while but by the 20th century both had more or less abandoned it, germany more so than england. by the end of world war ii when your unloaded, however unwillingly, its colonies, those colonies were themselves designed on principles of civil law. the first true colors taken together mean a christian protestant religion influenced and shaped everything about american foundation of laws and define a system of personal rights. wasn't just that the united states with a democratic republic but that the very premise of what democratic republic men were likely to be far different in the united states than anywhere else. the second -- third of the pillars involves economic freedom, private property rights, legal titles and deeds. and a free-market economy. save me -- these may seem synonymous but they are not. in many places of the world there's a semblance of a free economy at work but no system of title deeds to landor other property. this has two significant effect. first it means property ownership is never secure. you can never be
Nov 11, 2012 5:00am PST
germany and her name thing was collect of that. >> i thought it was interesting that she prepared. >> here is ago that does not allow those to preach. >> they don't have a clue for what they have done. they are unleashing this amazing figure. >> i ordered it about a week ago and it is so compelling, the information you have here. we will talk more in the future. leaving in the reference for some of the other groups. please join us, imron swisher. -- i am ron swisher. . >>> welcome back, you see this title, a great saint and we have been speaking with dr. matthew fox in his latest book. you have written many books on her. >> i have, i have written two he books previous, because her paintings were amazing and she had these visions that really healed her and they heel us. they are very powerful pieces so i did a book on that with her commentary. >> so she was a painter as well as a musician? >> yes, and she was an architect. she started life in a male monastery which was by sexual if you will, mail on one end and women on the other. but she got famous after she published her first book and sh
Nov 12, 2012 9:30am PST
along teaming local farmers in the kachetti region with their counterparts in germany. the beginning of a fruitful exchange. >> it's sowing time for winter barley here in eastern georgia. gela tetrauli is worried. it hasn't rained here in weeks. his seeds are top quality, but that won't mean much if growing conditions are poor. >> they're red, see. they've been specially treated against pests and disease. but that didn't help last year, either. half of my fields were useless. it was the wind -- it blew away the soil. >> winds are strong here in the valley, at the foot of the lesser caucasus mountains. wind speeds of 50 to 60 kilometers an hour are commonplace here. overgrazing was a problem already in the soviet era. and even back then, the local farmers were trying to slow soil erosion. >> there were collective farms here, who had a few trained agriculturalists. the rest of us, we were farmers who just followed the instructions they gave us. not people with agricultural degrees, but simple farmers. nowadays we have to start learning from scratch. for example, that we need windbreaks
Nov 21, 2012 2:30pm PST
-- a cease-fire between israel and hamas is due to begin right now -- watching the gaza skyline. >> germany signals it will support a request for patriot missiles and their crews. >> they will need a win tonight. >> israel and hamas have agreed to a truce after just over a week of violence. it was due to come into effect just moments ago. >> that's right. the deal was announced in cairo by the egyptian foreign minister and the u.s. secretary of state. the truce calls for an immediate halt to the fighting and reportedly aims to work towards a longer-term solution as well. >> the latest escalation in violence began just over a week ago. since then, some 140 palestinians and five israelis have been killed in air strikes and rocket attacks. >> we will be trying to go live to cairo and also to gauze in a moment, but first, let's get back to evens earlier in it -- earlier in the day that threatens to derail the talks -- we will be trying to go live to cairo and also to gaza in a moment. >> panic on the streets of televisa. ambulances rushed to the scene of the explosion. -- panic on the streets o
Nov 26, 2012 2:30pm PST
that broke out at a workshop for the disabled in germany. eight people were injured in the black forest. >> automatic alarms alert and fire departments which dispatched about 100 firefighters. a police spokesman says there are no indications right now that the blaze was caused by arson. >> it was the biggest deadly fire germany has seen in years. firefighters needed more than two hours to get it under control. it appears all the victims apparently died of smoke inhalation and. they included disabled people and their care givers. >> this workshop and employs 120 people. 14 people died and several were injured. it is a disaster that is unprecedented. >> the center implores people -- employees people who work with wood or metal products. many of them panic of a round out on to the street. that is where rescuers held them disoriented and scared. investigators have begun to look into the cause of the disaster. at least one explosion preceded the fire. >> for more on the story, we know go to south germany. what more do we know about the victims? >> up until now, there is not much informationa
Nov 18, 2012 9:30am EST
from the top. both germany and england had common law, but by the 20th century, both had nonetheless abandoned it. therefor, by the end of world war or ii when -- world war ii when europe unloaded its colonies, those colonies were themselves designed on principles of civil law. thus, the first two pillars taken together mean that a christian, protestant religion influenced and shaped everything about america's foundation of laws and defined it system of personal rights. it wasn't just that the united states was a democratic republic, but that the very premises of what a democratic republic meant were likely to be far different in the united states than anywhere else. um, the second -- the third of the pillars involves economic freedom. private property rights with legal titles and deeds in a free market economy. now, these may seem synonymous, but they are not. as hernando desoto pointed out, in many places of the world, there's a semblance of a free economy at work, but there's no system of title deeds to land or other property. this has two significant effects. first, it means prop
Nov 1, 2012 2:30pm PDT
are in close contact with britain, and germany will do everything to find a solution. >> clearly, there are different opinions being expressed by leaders in different countries. that is normal for politics. >> he also had other issues on his mind. ireland received 85 billion euros in 2010 to stabilise its banking system from the e you. dublin would like to draw on european stability mechanism funds to consolidate finances. merkel offered praise, but she gave no concrete promises. >> island is an outstanding example of how europe can emerge from this crisis stronger than when it went into it. >> at the beginning of 2013, ireland will assume the you's rotating presidency -- the eu's rotating presidency. >> let's check in with our political correspondent, who is covering the story on the budget tug-of-war here in europe. what can we expect or what is berlin expecting to happen at these budget talks later this month? >> chancellor merkel has already said she is confident that a compromise will be found. she's traveling to london next week to discuss the matter with david cameron, but
Nov 20, 2012 9:30am PST
in france itself. >> even when there are bands, like in california, or even if it were banned in germany, it would have little influence on our sector. foie gras is different product through and through. it is part of every festive meal. >> foie gras is a cultural icon. for one of our reporter, banning it would be a declaration of war on france. >> people here would turn away from europe even more. they have voted massively against the eu treaties, and that would really put them in opposition. a writer from the area has written a science-fiction novel in which dictators forbid all kinds of things, including foie gras. people then sell them on the black market, like they did during the occupation. >> the 95-year-old grandmother remembers those days. she says the expensive delicacy foie gras used to be eaten almost daily. >> we have always done the forced feeding. at least as far back as the 17th century. so what is the problem? it is better if the geese are fatter. there is more meet then, to -- more meat then, too. >> the french are happy to see themselves as the leader of the resistance
Nov 23, 2012 2:30pm PST
, and you know germany's position, but we are still focused on working toward a budget everyone can agree to. >> that means winning over england. prime minister david cameron has promised to veto any deal that fails to cut spending, and he has found a supporter in the dutch leader, who wants to slash the budget under the $1 trillion mark. >> we are cutting spending in the netherlands and the rest of europe as well. the eu also has to demonstrate that it is willing to tighten its belt. >> balancing the demands of all 27 member nations will take time, and the leaders do not want to rush a deal. eu leaders have their work cut out. they will have to balance national interests with the goals of the eu, and that has put many of the net contributors at loggerheads with poorer european countries. >> there is no need to dramatize these budget negotiations. they are so complex they generally take two tries. >> the second go at working out a budget is expected early next year. >> our correspondent has been covering the summit for us in brussels. what happens now? there must be real anxiety among those
Nov 28, 2012 2:00pm PST
of modern art, found d not only in vienna, but especially in germany in expressionism. at this time, germany was engaged in rapid industrialization and imperial expansion. many artists rejected this new germany. but, ironically, they were influenced by the exotic world discovered in the kaiser's colonies in africa and the pacific. the myth of the innocent savage held special attractions for artists across europe. i think especially of a small group of german artists, hardly more than students, who called themselves die brucke, the bridge. they were based in dresden. these artists, like schiele, thoroughly disliked the idea of art as like some sort of beautiful curtain. inspired by what they thought of as the directness, the spontaneity of primitive art, they tried to free themselves from the constraints of civilized life. this picture is by one of them. it's by ernst ludwig kirchner. it was begun in around 1909. it shows how they actually tried to live the myth of the primitive, to act it out for themselves, in what amounted to nudist bacchanals here on the shores of the moritzburg lakes. th
Nov 11, 2012 10:00pm EST
some form of civil law and which the law. germany and england had come them off for a while but by the 20 century, both have more or less abandoned it, germany more so than england. their further the end of world war ii, when europe unloaded, however unwillingly its colony, those colonies themselves to find and print process of the law. thus the first of pillars taken together means that a christian, protestant religion influence and shape everything about america's foundation of law and to find his summa arete. it wasn't just that the united states was a democratic republic, but that the very premise of a democratic republic meant were likely to be far different in the united states than anywhere else. the third in the pillars involves economic freedom. private property rights with legal titles indeed in a free-market economy. these may seem synonymous, but they are not. as hernando desoto pointed out in many places of the world is a semblance of a free economy at work, but there's no system of title deeds to land or their property. this has two significant effects. first i
Nov 25, 2012 4:30pm EST
it trickles down from the top. both germany and england had, not for a while but by the 20 century have more or less abandoned it common to many more such an inkling. by the end of world war ii, when you're unloaded however i'd willingly if colony, those colonies for themselves designed on principles of civil law. thus the first to pillars taken together mean that a christian protestant religion influenced and shaped everything about america's foundation of laws and defined system of personal rate. it wasn't just that the united states is a democratic republic, but that the very premises of a democratic republic meant were likely to be far different in the united states than anywhere else. the second -- the third of the pillars of most economic freedom. private property rights was legal title is deeds and a free-market economy. and these may seem synonymous, but they are not. as hernando desoto pointed out in many places of the world, there is a semblance of a free economy at work, but there is no system of title deeds to land or other property. this has two significant effects. first it mea
Nov 14, 2012 2:30pm PST
quarterly results. germany's second largest power company has posted strong profits despite the slowdown in the eurozone. >> the biggest competitor eon shocked investors yesterday, but rwe is having no such problems. the company says it is having a good year, despite germany was a switch to more renewals and the debt crisis. in fact, rwe has raised its forecast for the year as a whole. >> for more, let's bring in our markets correspondent, who is standing by on the floor of the frankfurt stock exchange. how are investors reacting? >> the stock price of rwe is trading slightly lower, but that is nothing compared to the 10% lost of eon posted yesterday, and this is not the only difference between the two large german utilities. eon invested heavily into european expansion, buying participations in italy and spain. during the last of your years, a turnout the price they had paid was far too high. rwe on the other hand managed in time to get rid of most of its unprofitable participations. >> how about the mood in the overall market? >> it is not very good. people here in the trading halt are
Nov 20, 2012 2:30pm PST
in germany. >> what has this revealed about the capabilities of the palestinians and their political unity? >> unity is difficult to achieve in this region. you have two separate entities, the gaza strip controled by hamas and the west bank which is controlled by the more moderate wing of the palestinians. it is almost impossible to travel from gaza to the west bank or vice versa. it is difficult to achieve palestinian unity and ideologically, they are at a difference. even on the west bank were the have been stronger than hamas, there is a reverse. hamas is getting stronger there by the day. from that point of view, the israelis have not gained politically is of the are faced in really complex situations. they are the strongest power in the region, but they're getting weaker and weaker having so many people who are on friendly, mainly the german the of the americans. >> briefly, the egyptians president has played a key role in trying to establish. how has he fired? >> very well, surprisingly. they have so far withheld credits, over $5 billion, and they have now provided money to the egypt
Nov 1, 2012 6:30pm PDT
to debatendidl nu bge o psiy en monty budgets, and that is a nitmeobyan, clinth british. >> germany hasoud auery, austerity, austerity in response to theuron cris e visuestion is -- does that also app t turea unn dg? >> ceaiy,he a vio arting positions in the negotiio, ai ntne frceonhene hd, is saying no cuts, otherwise it ll vo e dg. that's because 40% of the bge isgrulra subsidies, and france benefits most from tse onhethan we've got the british, as we kno sinwe ntheudtlashed." rmy iakg middle position, saying we ought to emaseroh. rk h nerrgd tha 70 is an end to itself. shee oy coecix, as she sees it, oftilaonf ecomyn e e hand a reci dt to recover the confidence of investors on the he ll right, our political correspondent. as alway tnk you vermuch. >> u. esenbackba and his republican challenger for the white house mitt romney are back the campanrail wi jt five days to go until the election. so oerrs think obama's chances for reelection on november 6 may have gotten a os fm s hdlgfha mote storm, sandy. on that front, the cleanup effort is facing number of challenges. >> u.s o cpa sll h coird,o
Nov 8, 2012 4:00am EST
negative revenues. >> and amid violent protests, draghi warns economic uncertainty is impeding germany as he prepares to oversee the latest rate setting meeting. welcome to "worldwide exchange." european central bank, bank of england, all meeting. ross westgate has been drafted up for that coverage so i'm on my own this morning. well, me and you guys. keep your responses coming to everything on the program., cn@cnbcwex. draghi expects economic activity to remain weak, so what is the likelihood of a rate cut? we'll get a preview from frankfurt. also spain testing investor appetite with the first auction of long term debt in a year and a half. we'll bring you those results as soon as they're out within the hour. and banks, health care and gun stocks all reacting to yesterday's election result in the u.s. we'll head out to new york city later in the show for a preview of what to expect on wall street today. and more than 2,000 hand picked chinese delegates gathered at the great hall of the people to kick off the communist party week long transition. beijing will only of
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